Zach Larson

Zach Larson Division Manager

Years with Interstate Companies: Since 2009 Professional Role: Zach is currently responsible for the scheduling, completion and oversight of the sweeping and striping division and is also one of the managers supporting Interstate’s snow operations. Personal Statement: In 2009, I joined Interstate Companies while I was a full-time college student. Upon completing my undergraduate degree, achieving a full-time position at Interstate was like a class itself. Each day I come to work, there is something new to learn, I meet many new people in the field that enhance and accelerate my experiences and opportunities. In addition, my educational background works hand-in-hand within the service and emergency management industry, which is a great fit for me. After experiencing first-hand the time and effort everybody puts into their work each day, I knew I’d fit right in, as I consider Interstate a ‘the sky is the limit’ growing company. Our company is diverse and service oriented, so whatever you may need within our industry (and sometimes it’s not) just give us a call; you can rely on Interstate Companies to fulfill your needs at any time.