Why Choose Interstate Snow Removal?

Why Choose Interstate? Simply put, our service, technology, and communications are second to none.  

Tempus Technology

Powered by GPS and smartphone applications, the Interstate Tempus System allows area managers to see what’s going on at each site in real-time and supplies each site worker with your complete site specifications on their mobile device. It also allows us to deploy the right crew at the right time, and we even send you snow alerts and notifications letting you know we are on site. Plus, with Tempus you can view and track your snow removal expenses. READ MORE

Why Choose Interstate? We Own Our Equipment, Almost 500 Pieces

We’re one of the only companies in Minnesota who actually owns their own equipment and uses their own employees. This gives us greater control, ensures that your site is managed efficiently, and that any questions you may have are answered by professionals who know your site and your needs as well as you do.

Site Evaluation

When you become an Interstate client, the first thing we do is conduct a comprehensive site evaluation, writing your snow and ice management playbook and map. This information, sent directly to the smart phones and tablets of our workers, contains site specifications our teams require to manage your snow removal and deicing needs. Each detail is documented, from where to pile the snow to the location of fire hydrants and emergency exits — eliminating guesswork and increasing efficiency.

Communication Guarantee

An Interstate employee answers our phone 24/7. Don’t want to talk? Then text, email, or enter a service request through Tempus. With multiple layers of backup, we have the people and technology to respond to every request. So, go ahead, give us a call, send an email, text us directly or if you prefer, log in to Tempus and communicate.  No matter what your preferred means of communication, you can rest assured, if you’re in need of our services, Interstate will never leave you out in the cold.  

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