Minnesota Parking Lot Sweeping Services

Parking lot cleaning & sweeping services in Minnesota help you to maintain a positive first impression. Leading property owners have recognized that shoppers, visitors, and tenants begin to make a decision from the moment they set foot in your parking lot. In today’s challenging economic climate, maintaining a clean parking facility is no longer to be taken for granted instead it is has become a necessary requirement. Areas we serve include Minneapolis, St. Paul & Greater Minnesota.

Professional Minnesota Parking Lot Sweeping Services

The cleanliness and accessibility of your parking lot, walkways and grounds affect the way your employees and clients feel about coming to your location. That’s why it’s so important to keep your parking lots clean. Interstate Companies offers many parking lot sweeping services. Check them out below and contact us to learn more about our commercial pavement sweeping services.

Patrol Sweeping

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  • Ramp & Underground
  • Custom Contracts
  • Two-Person Crews
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Close Attention to Detail


  • 24/7 Availability
  • Scraping
  • Brush and Vacuum Sweepers
  • Water Applicators
  • Backup Crews and Equipment

Seasonal Cleanup

  • Complete Site Cleanup
  • All Debris Picked up by Hand
  • Site Safety Inspection
  • Same-Day Striping Available

Minnesota Parking Lot Sweeping FAQs

What does a professional parking lot sweeping service include?

Sweeping services by professionals includes more than just sweeping and brushing of the place. It also covers –
  • A scheduled meeting with the client to assess the current/initial situation of the parking area, need for any repairs like filling the potholes, cracks, re-sealing, etc…
  • Assessing the condition of structures like walls, barriers, drains, speed bumps, posts, etc…
  • Checking for the need to repaint or re-stripe the markings, stripes, parking signs, notice signs, etc…
  • Assess for any other damages caused intentionally or unintentionally to the parking lot pavements
  • Check for lightings and repairs, if any
All in all, the sweeping services include everything from re-sealing, painting, repairs, and other related services that the client might want to do at once.

What is the average cost of parking lot cleaning?

The cost of parking lot sweeping services depends on various factors –
  • Size of the parking lot
  • Location of the parking lot
  • Current(initial) condition
  • Time from the previous cleaning and frequency of cleaning
  • The layout of the parking lot
Typically, it costs about $83 per sweep for a space of 500sqft.

How is parking lot sweeping service beneficial?

There are several benefits of parking lot sweeping services –
  • Extends the lifespan of the parking lot by cleaning up the dirt, debris, glass, oil and other toxic substances and pollutants
  • Reduces stormwater waste and contaminants; prevents erosion
  • Makes the parking lot free from pests and rodents
  • Takes care of other repairs like crack filling, pothole repairs, drainage, etc…
  • Discourages people to throw litter
  • Gives a great first impression to people visiting the building

What are the benefits of seasonal cleanup?

The benefits of seasonal clean-up are –
  • A lot of leaves during the fall and dust from the winds can get accommodated. These can be removed during the season to clean up the sewers to prevent clogging
  • Debris like dust, trash, and litter can accumulate during summer, professional cleaning will keep parking lots free from diseases due to unclean atmosphere
  • Snow residues, debris from winter, salt residues, traction sand (from the melting of snow) can be easily collected by specialists once spring approaches.
  • During temperature changes, asphalt and concrete tend to expand and crack, seasonal cleaning and maintenance can help with timely repair and prevention

Why is parking lot sweeping important?

Sweeping the parking lot removes sand, dirt, debris and other dust from parking area pavement, which if left as it is can drastically reduce the life of the pavement, seal coating, and even striping.

Why should you hire a professional sweeping service?

  • Other than just sweeping, professionals can identify other potential problems with the parking space – such as cracks, need for repainting or sealing, etc…
  • They have professional tools to do the work efficiently and on time
  • They remove the debris and dirt with hand, thus covering even the smallest of corners
  • They are experienced, pay attention to details and know the best way of sweeping and cleaning without causing any damage to other properties
  • They know and bring along effective and safe chemicals to remove pests and rodents if any

What does parking lot sweeping include?

Although the complete list of services depends on the package that you select, most parking lot sweeping services offer –
  • Cleaning all the areas thoroughly, including landscaped areas, service drives, and dumpster enclosures
  • Removing crustal materials like sediments, rocks, sand, vegetations like twigs, leaves, grass remains, debris from tires, dust, oil
  • Emptying and cleaning all the trash containers, picking up the spilled trash
  • Installation of speed bumps, pipe bollards, signs, water applicators, etc…
  • Review of the parking space and suggestions for improvement and long-lasting cleaning effect
  • Custom contracts

What are the equipment options for parking lot sweeping?

Apart from manual sweeping using brushes and sweep, there are vacuum sweepers, brush sweepers, sweeper trucks, riding sweepers and scrubbers, Walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers, safety equipment like back up alarm, headlights, taillights, etc…

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