Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Snow Melting – What’s Best?

Plowing the snow in a large parking lot creates very large piles of snow. We’ve all seen those big piles taking up valuable spaces in the parking lots. So, what’s a business owner to do?

Snow removal services are a better approach because crews can come in after hours, when your customers are gone, and take the snow away. Removing the snow not only keeps your parking lot from turning into a mountain of snow, come Springitme, you won’t have a huge pile of snow

Plowing a big parking lot can create very large piles of snow melting into your parking lot and creating large puddles.

While snow removal is a great option, there’s another, cheaper way you can go: snow melting.

Instead of paying to have the snow carted away, you can simply have it melted. How? Meet the machine we call the Snow Dragon. It melts up to 14 dump truck loads of snow per hour. The water is then filtered to remove sediment, rocks, and dirt, and then put into the sewer system. Check out the snow dragon in action: