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Minneapolis Snow Removal Services

Minneapolis Snow Removal


A Better Game Plan For Snow & Ice Management

Professional Minneapolis snow removal powered with Tempus snow & ice management system. It just snowed and you’re the facilities manager for a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where are you right now? You’re chillin’ in your PJs because you just logged on to Interstate’s state-of-the-art Tempus System and you can see we’re out battling the snow — ensuring that your property is clear of snow and ice and that your people are safe. Our Tempus System’s cutting-edge tracking and communication software uses GPS, smartphone apps and voice web services to provide accurate, real-time information. This allows us to immediately deploy crews, equipment and deicing products with unmatched attention to detail and industry-leading, cost-saving efficiency. So go ahead, take a snow day. READ MORE
Minneapolis Snow Removal


You Should Use Less Salt

To deice or not to deice, that is a dumb question — since the alternative is nothing but personal injuries and property damage. Our proprietary blend of natural salts combined with our organic liquid enhancers helps melt ice faster, provides unmatched performance in the coldest climates, costs less, uses less salt and minimizes the chloride impact on the environment. These superior products, our outstanding customer service, and our cutting-edge salt dispersement technology make us the ideal partner in keeping your employees safe and your campus looking great. READ MORE
    • Deicer trucks tracked by GPS
    • Melting performance to -30°F
    • Our deicer is less harmful to the environment
    • Lower chloride impact
    • Requires up to 31% less deicer than standard rock salt
    • Cutting-edge deicer dispersement technology
    • Unlimited deicer supply
    • Fast-acting and long-lasting
    • Liquid Pretreatment Program
Minneapolis Snow Removal


It’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Has To Plow It!

No matter how big the storm, your property will be cleared, deiced, and safe for business. At Interstate we continually invest in training and equipment to deliver the very best services possible, so you can be sure that we have the commercial snow plowing equipment and expertise to handle the Twin Cities’ largest and most demanding sites. READ MORE
  • Plows tracked by GPS
  • Rubber-edge containment plows provide damage-free plowing
  • Site-specific crews and equipment increase efficiency and reliability
  • Backup equipment is available in the event of breakdowns
  • In-house mechanics provide quicker repairs and controlled costs
Minneapolis Snow Removal


Where The Slippery Sidewalk Ends

If there was a degree in sidewalk snow removal, we’d have our PHD. At Interstate we have an entire division dedicated exclusively to maintenance and snow removal for walkways and entry areas, with crews trained to eliminate any hazardous conditions. We plow, brush or blow snow from sidewalks, rear entrances, fire access areas and loading docks, then apply long-lasting, eco-friendly deicing products to help ensure safety to all who enter. READ MORE
  • 90% of walkway injuries happen with less than 1 inch of snow
  • Proper sidewalk deicing service reduces liability and lowers insurance rates
  • Proactive sidewalk pretreatment greatly reduces liability
  • Liquid Pretreatment Program


Do Your Snow Problems Keep Piling Up?

Tired of getting dumped on? Here in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the next snowmageddon can hit with little warning and when it does, you can count on Interstate’s snow relocation services to make sure your snow problems are out of sight and out of mind. Our high-capacity snow blowers provide a cost-effective alternative to pushing snow over curbs and onto vegetation. Our fleet of company-owned trucks are always ready to haul snow to multiple dump sites across the metro. READ MORE
  • After-hours relocation for increased crew productivity
  • Keeps your site safe and accessible
  • Provides more parking spaces
  • Optimizes driver and pedestrian safety
  • Eliminates ice buildup and reduces the need for chemical applications
  • Multiple offsite relocation areas
Minneapolis Snow Removal


When You Can’t Pile It, Melt It

At Interstate, part of our expertise lies in helping you understand when it’s time to melt or relocate. The general rule of thumb is, if it’s impractical to move it or you need the parking space — it’s time to melt. In fact, with snow dump space in the metro diminishing and becoming more expensive, it often makes more sense to melt. Our snow melting system uses fewer emissions, eliminates potential damage to facilities and filters out debris and chemicals before placing clean water in the stormwater system. Plus, when you partner with Interstate, your snow will be melted by two of the newest and best-performing snow melters in Minnesota. READ MORE
    • Provides more parking spaces
    • Optimizes driver and pedestrian safety
    • Able to navigate into difficult spaces with strict weight or size restrictions
    • Costs 40% less than off-site hauling
    • Greatly reduces emissions & fuel costs
    • Reduces asphalt damage caused by trucking convoys

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