Slips and Falls Can’t Be Ignored


Although it’s fun to watch dogs slip and fall on the internet, it’s not fun to watch your employees or guests take a tumble in your parking lot. According to the insurance industry, 25 percent of ice and snow-related falls occur in parking lots. If someone gets hurt in your parking lot from a slip and fall, your company could be held financially liable for the injury.

What’s more, twenty percent of parking lot slip-and-fall accidents require time off from work. When someone slips and falls, they typically take a few days off to recover from their injury. Here’s a look at the average recovery time for Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin workers.

MN – 6 days

IA – 10 days

WI – 13 days

Lost work time due to slip and falls could cost your company an average of $40,000 to $45,000. The lost time and money it may cost your business can’t be ignored.

Taking a few simple precautions before the winter season can help you avoid many of the costly and avoidable accidents. You cannot avoid snow emergencies in the Midwest, but you can prevent slip-and-fall accidents with a snow management plan. Interstate Companies can create a specifically designed plan for your property to keep it clear of snow, deiced and safe for your guests and employees all winter long.

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