Minneapolis Pressure Washing

Minneapolis pressure washing is a premiere, mobile, power washing and concrete cleaning service operating in Minneapolis, MN. We are local, dependable, prompt, reliable and affordable. We do both residential and commercial pressure washing applications. Why choose Interstate Companies for Minneapolis Power Washing? We can clean your desired surface for approximately the same cost as a pressure washer rental from any big box store. We can save you time, money, and any inconvenience from doing it yourself while achieving much better results.

Resenditial and Commercial Minneapolis Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can help maintain your home. We clean driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage floors, RV pads, brick, and concrete walls and graffiti removal on concrete non-painted surfaces. We work closely with Property Management and Home Owners Associations to fit their requirements. The exterior of your business is often the first part potential customers see. We can clean the surrounding sidewalks to give your customers the best impression possible. We offer pressure washing services for storefronts, drive thru’s, office buildings, graffiti removal, parking garages, gas stations, apartments, condominium communities, hotels, motels, restaurants (patios), awnings, and dumpster pads.  

Surface Cleaning

  • Concrete surfaces
  • Asphalt, masonry, metals
  • Sidewalks, parks, pavilions
  • Garbage enclosures / Dumpster corrals
  • Scheduled contract cleaning

Aerial Cleaning

  • Cleaning up to 70ft high
  • Aerial lifts and bucket trucks
  • Building washing and cleaning
  • Monument and sign cleaning
  • Canopy cleaning

Graffiti Removal

    • 24 hour on-call / Fast response
    • Concrete, metal signage, masonry
    • Glass, plastics, and more
    • All marking sources cleaned

Specialty Services

  • Oil / Fuel / Stain removal
  • Rust removal
  • Calcium / Limescale removal
  • Efflorescence abatement
  • Ice dam removal / Roof shoveling
  • Lens cleaning / Bulb replacement

Frequently Asked Minneapolis Pressure Washing Questions

We utilize a hot water pressure washing system along with environmentally safe cleansers. We remove gum, oil, rust, tire marks, dust, dirt, and rust, etc. while degreasing concrete surfaces. We clean driveways, garage floors, patios, pool decks, sidewalks and storefronts, and any other non-treated concrete surfaces. Here are some commonly asked questions about power pressure washing.

How does pressure wash work?

A pressure washer has an electric powered motor or gas-fuelled engine to power a water pump. Due to the power applied, water supply accelerates and produces high pressure. The washer is hooked to a hose with a high-pressure rating and has a water gun on one of the ends. The gun is similar to the ones used for car washes. Upon pulling the trigger, water comes gushing at very high-speed cleaning the parking lot aggressively. The pressure can also be adjusted for gentle cleaning.

Why should I pressure wash my parking lot?

There are several benefits of pressure washing –
  • Removes stubborn materials that can’t be removed easily – for example, oil stains, tar, bubble gum, etc… 
  • It enhances the life of the parking lot and delays the need for frequent maintenance and repair work. Cleaning helps dirt and other unwanted materials at bay thus avoiding cracks.
  • When done by experts using a pressure washer, it is a relatively easy and fast process
  • Provides deep cleaning to the parking lot – unlike rinsing or sweeping
  • Gives a great first impression to customers 

What is the cost of pressure washing a parking lot?

The pricing depends on various factors –
  • Parking lot area
  • The extent of cleaning – any difficult stains, tar to be removed
  • Materials used – detergents/chemicals
  • Amount of preparation needed
  • Requires removal of bubble gum?
  • Hot or cold wash
Typically, a basic washer without oil or gum removal would take $320, and an additional charge of about $80 to remove gum without any damage. 

What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Though used interchangeably, pressure washing and power washing are different. The main difference between both is the temperature. During power washing, the water is heated whereas in pressure washing it is not. Power washing is more intense, as because of the warm (heated)water, the cleaning is more effective and crisper. However, because of the heavy-duty nature, it is not suitable for all surfaces, unlike pressure washing, which can be used for surface cleaning, garage cleaning, parking lot cleaning, etc…

What are the best cleaners for pressure washing?

There are many detergents (with or without foam) available in the market. Most companies use detergents that are biodegradable and contain no or harmful chemicals. Cleaning professionals know how to use them well – for example, some areas might need more foaming, whereas some may not. Some areas might need a gentle clean, some may need aggressive cleaning, etc…

What type of surfaces can be pressure washed?

Pressure washers can be used for all types of parking surfaces – asphalt, concrete, stone, gravel or aggregate.

What is the equipment used for pressure washing?

There are two types of high-pressure washers used for pressure washing – heated and non-heated.  Heated pressure washers create high temperatures and remove all the dirt, oil, stubborn particles. These machines can generate temperatures as high as 3300F. The heating time of the best pressure washers is just 30 seconds. Non-heated pressure washers can remove low-grade dust and grime. The pressure used to clean rough surfaces like concrete is about 3000-4000psi.  High-pressure washers are versatile and with detergents, they can remove all types of grease, dirt, and dust to make parking lot sparkling clean.

What is the process of pressure washing a parking lot?

The steps involved are simple –
  • The parking area is first cleaned by sweeping and mopping. This removes dust and dirt at a very high level.
  • Then, professionals are called to perform pressure washing that removes oil stains, gums, residues, skid marks and other difficult dirt that has accumulated over time.
  • Sometimes brush attachments are used, which provide faster and better cleaning.

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