Asphalt Scams – A Summer Rite of Passage

It’s finally here. The time we’ve been waiting for, summer! Summer in Minnesota means BBQs, time at the lake, bike rides and yes, asphalt scams. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is warning Minnesotans to watch out for asphalt scams. If somebody knocks on your door claiming that they’re doing a job nearby and they have leftover asphalt or concrete and will give you a pavement maintenance deal on your driveway or lot, don’t fall for it. These are typically scams, and they target both homes and businesses. They tend to overpromise and use high-pressure tactics for closing the sale. With any company, we urge you to vet them thoroughly before approving any discounted jobs. Odds are it’s a scam, and they’ll do very shoddy work and charge you more than they said they would.