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Commercial Parking Lot Striping MN

Well-designed and maintained pavement marking makes parking lots easier to navigate. Parking Lot Striping high visibility, uniform spacing, clarity of signs and directional guides provide both safety and convenience for your guests and employees. Our specialized marking crews use only DOT quality #1 rubber-based pavement paint, because it lasts longer and stays brighter than low-cost alternatives. We follow all ADA guidelines to ensure your site is in compliance with state and federal regulations.  

Our Striping Parking Lot services include:

  • Parking Stallsparking lot striping
  • Handicap Parking
  • Curbs and Bollards
  • Lighting Poles and Bases
  • Crosswalks and Hashmarks
  • Directional Markers and Signs
  Striping Contractors   How much does parking lot striping cost? The cost of parking lot striping depends on various factors –
  • Number of parking stalls, handicapped stalls 
  • The angle of the parking stalls – this is because some angles like 90 degrees are costlier
  • Number of directional arrows
  • Re-striping or new striping (new is costlier)
  • Wordings like no parking etc…
  • Pedestrian crosswalks 
  • Curb painting 
  • Fire lanesMobilization
Why should you get your parking lot re-striped? The reasons are –
  • Re-striping keeps the parking area clean and marked 
  • Avoids accidents due to unclear markings, thus encouraging safety
  • Fire code and ADA compliance – i.e. allotting specific spaces for fire emergencies and persons with disabilities
  • Better management of parking space; because of clear markings, every person has ample space for parking
  • Re-striping gives a fresh look to the parking space and enhances the visual appeal of the place creating a good first impression amongst customers using the parking
What are the materials used for parking lot striping? Some common materials used for striping are – 
  • Paint – waterborne (latex) paint or oil-based paint; most common and least expensive
  • Thermoplastic – used for line striping; costlier than paint
  • Striping tape – offers great reflectivity, longer life
  • Epoxy or resin – commonly used in highways
What are the important considerations to layout a parking lot for striping? Hiring professional parking lot striping experts to provide drawings for the parking layout is a good option. These professionals provide bollard positions, parking machines, and island dimensions. However, for certain configurations, especially for bigger parking lots, calling an architect or builder will be more appropriate. Here is how you can layout your parking lot –
  • Know the parking lot dimensions
  • Determine dimensions for individual parking space and number of parking lots that can be assigned
  • Use a software program like RoomSketcher, Transoft or ConceptDraw to get a test layout – each software also has options of adding features like trees, bollards, lamps, gates, etc…
  • Calculate the potential revenue. Check with your striping provider to evaluate the cost and ROI for you.
How is parking lot striping beneficial? There are various benefits of parking lot striping –
  • Attract potential customer – a neat and well-maintained parking lot gives a good first impression
  • Provide a safe parking environment – not marking the parking lots properly can lead to confusion and accidents
  • Giving proper markings gives ample space for vehicles without being too close to each other, thus avoiding door collisions while opening
What are the markings included in parking lot striping? Parking lot striping includes –
  • Lines to indicate individual parking slots
  • Handicapped parking
  • Lettered words like slow, stop, enter, exit, no parking, loading only
  • Arrows to show exit, entry, and directions of traffic movement
  • Speed limit
  • Markings to show pedestrian-only areas, crosswalks, walkways, customer pickup zones, fire lanes, stop signs and lines, loading area 
What do the blue lines in the parking lot indicate? The blue markings indicate handicapped parking. There are also blue diagonal lines that indicate space to allow people with wheelchairs to come out of their vehicles. How can you remove stripe from a parking lot? There are 3 ways in which professionals remove stripes that are outdated or no longer required –
  • Water blasting – This method uses machines that directly put water with very high-pressure in the striping area. This removes all the striping without damage to the pavements.
  • Scarifying – This is a machine that removes striping by using a rotating wheel with a metal blade. It is an efficient method, however, due to the blade, leaves the surface rough.
  • Disc grinding – This method provides a smooth finish to the parking space, after the striping. It involves using a grinding wheel that may or may not contain diamonds, to remove striping.
What is the lifetime of parking lot striping? The lifetime is typically 1 to 4 years but depends on various factors –
  • Traffic – If the parking space experiences more traffic through most of the days, it might require striping every year, with regular traffic, the striping could last for up to 2 years.
  • Weather conditions – If your space is open and can’t be protected using trees or shade, the chances of striping fading off is high. The same way, rains, and precipitation can reduce the lifetime of a parking lot striping.
  • Changes in design or parking rules – if you want to redesign the place, or if the federal laws regarding parking lots have changed, you might need restriping even when the markings are in good condition.
What are the dimensions of parking lot spaces and stripes?
  • Typical size of parking space – 320 sqft.
  • Width of standard parking space – 7.9-9 feet
  • Width of perpendicular or angled space – 16-18 feet
  • Width of parallel parking space – 6.9-7.9 feet 
  • Length of parallel parking space – 20-26 feet
What is the process involved in parking lot striping? Professional companies like ours use the best quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure long life and better visibility of striping. The stripers are qualified enough to draw even specialized signs and markings with ease.  The first step is the preparation that involves cleaning the place and removing all the dirt, debris and other unnecessary things with a broom or power blower, removing old or faded stripes. After this, appropriate specifications are laid out based on the design, type of parking lot, traffic patterns and other factors.   

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