That polar vortex was a doozy! Across the Midwest, people are recovering from the lowest sustained temperatures in over two decades. Many of us had ample time to stay indoors and perfect our favorite hotdish, while outside, the winter ice was doing a real number on our sidewalks and parking lots.
Pot Holes in Parking Lot
What Do Your Parking Lots Look Like?

Why should Minneapolis and St. Paul be thinking about parking lot and sidewalk repair?

If you’ve suspected asphalt deteriorates faster in colder temperatures, you’re not crazy. When the water that seeps into the cracks and fissures of asphalt freezes, it expands in volume by nine percent! If your parking lot or property needed help before this year’s cold snap, chances are, this winter only made things worse. Spring can reveal how hairline cracks in your pavement, pushed apart by months of expanding and contracting ice, can worsen into trip hazards and potholes.

Interstate exceeds your asphalt parking lot maintenance guidelines

We’re here to get your parking lot to-do list off your mind and onto our schedule. We’ll get the job done quickly so your customers won’t notice us, they’ll only notice your beautiful new parking lot. As spring brings warmer temperatures, property owners will be calling to get their annual repairs and maintenance done as soon as possible. Now is the best time to schedule your projects and make sure you’re at the top of our list. From comprehensive concrete work to asphalt repair and overlays to reconstruction, we’ll help your property make a great first impression. We are the one company that is large enough to handle any project but small enough to see to the finer details.

Interstate is more than parking lot maintenance

We are excited the warmer weather is here, but the cold will most certainly return. Now is your opportunity to ensure your property is protected from another polar vortex. Whatever the north winds bring, we’ll be your year-round partner for parking lot maintenance. Give us a call, we do it all:
  • Asphalt overlays/reconstruction

  • Mill patching
  • Crack fill and sealcoat

  • Sidewalks/curbs
  • Catch basins

  • Loading docks

  • Parking lot sweeping

  • Striping
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