Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson COO & Vice President

Professional Role: As we have continued to grow, Jim has taken a step back from direct, front-line involvement in everyday operations in order to focus on other tasks and gain more of a “global” oversight of the operation. He oversees our operations team and provides much support in the areas of resource and personnel management as well as other aspects of HR. Personal Statement: I joined Interstate Companies in 2006. I was fresh out of college, and like any kid from northern Minnesota, I was looking to expand my horizons. When I joined Interstate it was a small company with roughly 10 employees including myself. I started out on the sweep and stripe crews and worked my way through the snow removal, concrete, and asphalt crews. The years following brought me in touch with more experiences and opportunities for advancement than most individuals would probably see in an entire career. The company has grown exponentially since I joined the team and we are looking every day for opportunities and avenues to continue that growth. I love being a part of a fast paced, forward looking, positive thinking and progressive can-do company.