Is Your Commercial Property Ready for Eek Don’t Say it…the “S” Word?

It’s officially Autumn and the weather is cooler in Minnesota. What does that mean for us?

We love Winter!

It’s time to ramp up and prepare for the upcoming snow removal season. For most Minnesotans even hinting at the “S” word is met with dread, but for Interstate, it’s just another time to shine.
According to the Weather Channel, on average, Minnesotans notice the first flakes on November 2nd and the earliest snowfall was recorded on September 24th.

We’re busy so you don’t have to worry

That’s why we’re busy servicing all our equipment and making sure everything is in working order and ready to go when you need snow cleared and ice melted. If you’ve worked with us in winter before, you know we dedicate certain machinery to your property in order to always have it available when you need it, and we own all our own equipment, making it easy to fix promptly and have back-ups readily available.

We’re also busy making sure our Tempus system is up-to-date and ready for traffic this winter. This is the system that allows all our customers to see their site status online in real-time, access weather information, work history and invoices. It’s something our customers rave about. While you’re enjoying the sun and golf course in Arizona, we’ll be there to make sure your property is getting plowed and deiced.

So, how are you getting ready for the winter? Now’s the time to set up your snow removal services.