Fall Means Prepping Your Property for Winter

Do you know what football, anything spiced/pumpkin and the Minnesota State Fair have in common? They’re all signs of fall. While most Minnesotans enjoy the cool air, those crisp autumn days tend to go by too quickly and one day without notice, we find ourselves dealing once again with the sleet and snow of winter.
Fortunately, there are 3 easy tasks that you can take care of now so your parking lot and asphalt surfaces look better next spring.

1. Crack Fix & Seal If you have an asphalt parking lot that’s in good condition with no cracks, then just check on how long it has been since it was sealed. If it’s due, get it done. If your asphalt has cracks, get those fixed now. It’s easy to procrastinate, but trust us, that will only make things worse. When your lot gets plowed all winter long, the plow scrapes against your parking lot surfaces and this can make cracks and potholes even worse. Visit our asphalt repair page for more about those services.

2. Make a Plan for Leaf & Garbage Removal Even if there are no trees near your property, leaves will somehow make it there. They’ll blow there, travel there stuck to people and vehicles – sometimes, we swear those things sprout legs and run to your property because you just can’t keep them away. Have a plan for keeping walkways, lots and lawns neat and tidy throughout the fall season. We all know what happens if you leave leaves around and they get buried under the snow – they’re even more difficult to deal with in the spring. Get a good lot & walkway sweeping in while you can. Before the snow falls, give your property a final inspection and clean up and trash that may have accumulated over the summer.

3. Determine a Plan for Snow and Ice Removal Winter is Coming! Not just on Game of Thrones, it’s coming to Minnesota too. We live in Minnesota. Snow will come earlier than you think it has the right to. Make sure that you have a plan for snow and ice removal before the first flakes fall. Similarly, figure out how you’ll handle ice and slippery parking lot surfaces. If you’re scrambling to find a service at the first signs of snow, you’ll either have to make a hasty decision or an unsafe, slippery parking lot. If you’d like a snow removal estimate from Interstate, contact us today.