Environmentally Friendly

Interstate Companies currently assists many of its clients with environmental consulting and LEED certification requirements. It is our mission to provide safe and reliable service using environmentally responsible methods.

Interstate’s Green Initiative: To assist and provide our clients with environmentally sensitive building exterior and hardscape management practices that provide a clean, well-maintained and safe building exterior while supporting high-performance building operations. These operations also qualify for LEED credit if properly implemented and reported.

How We Do It: Outdoor maintenance equipment can consume large amounts of fossil fuels, generate high levels of emissions and are often very noisy. We replace conventional snow relocation equipment with a snow melting system that removes the need for high-emission dump trucks. It also removes the need for multiple pieces of heavy equipment that create additional damage to parking surfaces and emit high decibel levels. Our SND 1800 operates at 70 db (quieter than a lawn mower) and has a filtration system that removes trash, debris and harmful chemicals from melted snow.

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