Anti-Icing & De-Icing Services

You Should Use Less Salt

Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to go dumping ungodly amounts of salt on the earth. That’s why we’ve developed a superior, technology-based deicing & anti-icing method that uses less salt, saves you money and reduces the chloride impact on the environment.

North Pro Deicer

Requires 31% Less Deicer Than Standard Deicer

Our proprietary blend of 15 natural trace minerals significantly lowers the chloride impact on the environment, drastically reduces landscape and turf kill, cuts deicing cost by 40% and melts ice at temperatures as low as -5°F.

Liquid Enhancers

Reduces need for granular deicer by 40%

Our legendary organic liquid enhancers, when combined with our all natural deicing product, increase the effectiveness of deicing. These superior products melt ice twice as fast, provide long-lasting results, are ten times less harmful to the environment and melt ice at temperatures as low as -30°F.

The Right Amount of Deicer, Every Time

Cutting-Edge Deicer Dispersement Technology

At Interstate we use an advanced computerized deicer dispersement system to calculate and control the amount of deicer applied to your parking lots and sidewalks. This ensures that we don’t dump unnecessary amounts of deicer at your facility and that we only use the amount needed to get the job done — reducing the chloride impact on the environment. No Interstate customer has ever gone without deicer, nor have they been charged a premium during a deicer shortage. We are one of the very few snow management companies in Minnesota who can proudly say we never run out of deicer. While the rest of the industry is reliant upon the river system for delivery of their product and stop receiving deicer once the river freezes over — we transport all of our deicer by railway. This ensures that our deicer supply is replenished and filled to the brim all winter long, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.  

Continuous Deicer Supply

We NEVER Run Out of Deicer… Ever.


MNDOT Performance Study

North Pro NaCL

  • Significant improvement on regain time to bare pavement
  • Operators reported quicker melting and ease of use, stays on target with no bounce-off
  • A 31% reduction in usage compared to standard deicer
  • Melted snow and ice at temperatures 16 degrees colder than untreated deicer
  • Cost reduction of 34% over standard deicer
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) has adopted the use of liquid deicing products as an effective tool to lower deicing costs and increase safety. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) studies have shown that the use of liquid enhancers for chemical melting greatly reduces the chloride impact on the environment.  

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